S C O T T  C A W O O D
M  E  T  A  L     A  R  T   I  S  T
"Photos by C. Kurt Holter"
Sirens Of TI Chopper

*See Chopper on YouTube.com

The Sirens Of TI Chopper is a motor-sculpture I designed then created in my studio for Metropolitian Choppers LLC of Frederick, MD. The
piece was commissioned by Treasure Island Casino in Las Vegas to capture the essence of their Sirens Of TI  show which is played out
daily on the Las Vegas strip.  
The project took six months to complete. I attempted to take the raw energy of the powerful motorcycle and transform it into the motion of
a seductive Siren rising out of the sea and beckoning to unsuspecting sailors. I cut, forged, bent, shaped and welded mild steel to create
the sculpture. I envision her as an ancient but dynamic force rising up out of the ocean.
The Siren chopper is now on permanent display to the public on the casino floor at Treasure Island Hotel & Casino in LV.
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-Scott Cawood