S C O T T  C A W O O D
M  E  T  A  L     A  R  T   I  S  T
C L I M B & G L I D E
                          Climb and Glide
My artistic vision for Climb and Glide was to create sculptures that
capture and celebrate the shared and personal experiences of every
bicyclist traveling the Great Allegheny Passage Bicycle Trail, which
crosses the Allegheny Mountains and runs from Cumberland MD to
faces combined with found bicycle parts to make a visual connection of
climbing hills and then gliding down them. I employed the human face
to express the consciousness, emotion, as well physical aspects of
traveling the GAP Trail.  Bicycle wheels projecting from each head
denote the connection between man and machine and are made to
spin in the wind.
With the onslaught of cell phones/cameras, I understand that people
want to share their experiences immediately on social media and
these sculptures welcome those desires by allowing the cyclist to
stand with their bicycle next to each sculpture and take a 'selfie'. This
design element facilitates my own desire that individuals interact
personally with my Art.
Each face was made by bending 3/8's steel rod and welding them
together to form a facial skeleton. Individual sheet metal sections
were cut from derelict heating oil tanks then hand shaped to fit the
negative spaces created by the skeleton and then welded into place.
Climb's hair is made from over forty bicycle handlebars and Glides's
hair from countless steel bicycle gears. Both eyebrows are modified
handlebars. As in all of my work, I used scrap steel and found metal
objects to further my prevailing ideas on Transformation.
The pieces were made possible by the City Of Frostburg, Maryland
Mountain Trails, Frostburg First, the Frostburg Business and
Professional Association, and the Foundation For Frostburg with
matching funds from the Maryland State Arts Council through the
Allegany Arts Council.
More Info:
Great Allegheny Passage Bicycle Trail   
Frostburg MD    http://www.frostburgcity.com/