S C O T T  C A W O O D
M  E  T  A  L     A  R  T   I  S  T
Photos by Michael Davis Music by Steve Kemp
"A lean loose-jointed Negro had commenced plunking a guitar beside me while I slept... As he
played, he pressed a knife on the strings of the guitar in a manner popularized by Hawaiian
guitarists who used steel bars. " Goin' where the *Southern cross the Dog." ...The singer
repeated the line three times, accompanying himself on the guitar with ...WC Handy (Father Of
the Blues) ...on his first encounter with the Delta Blues at the train depot in Tutwiler MS in
1903 while awaiting a long overdue train.
*The reference is to the crossing at Moorhead, Mississippi, of the Southern Railway and the
local Yazoo and Mississippi Valley Railroad, called the Yellow Dog. By Handy's telling locals
assigned the words "Yellow Dog" to the letters Y.D.(for Yazoo Delta) on the freight trains that
they saw.

Blues Portraits In Steel: The Delta
The Mississippi Delta is ground zero for countless blues musicians who in spite of, or because
of, their incredibly difficult existence, used their original music to give voice to their lament and
in doing so gave birth to an uniquely American art form. Their music is loved and understood
across the broad boundaries of culture and time and I truly believe this to be an undeniable
testimony of their being true Masters.
I  am creating this series of sculptures because I want to capture the deep, honest, and raw
emotion I hear the in the music and see in the faces of each of these individual artists. Each
portrait is my personal account of how that individual's music affects me, making each of their
expressions in many ways my own.   
Each portrait sculpture is an original one/off, piece of artwork. Each is slightly larger than
life-size (though it varies) and made from 1/4" steel rod welded into a cage-like substructure
over which sections of derelict steel heating oil tanks are cut, shaped, and welded together to
complete the form. I use the oil tanks as skin because of their uniquely weathered texture.
The finishes are of burnt oil, a very similar process to seasoning a cast iron frying pan. Each is
then sealed with polyurethane for longevity.
This is an ongoing series of work.
Selected commissions accepted.
Pricing on request.

"Blues Portraits In Steel" Works by Scott Cawood, On Exhibit at the Delta Blues Museum;  June
11, 2015 -Oct 2015. Opening reception, Meet the Artist June 11, 5-7pm.
"Gettin Green With The Blues" Artist Talk; Aug 6, 2015,  2pm. This will be a DBM event in
conjunction with the 2015 Sunflower River Blues Festival.
Info: www.deltabluesmuseum.org
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