S C O T T  C A W O O D
M  E  T  A  L      A  R  T   I  S  T
Artist Statement
The first and most important thing I have to say about my work is that it  speaks for itself. Loud and
clear. I don't believe that visual art and sculpture in particular, should require a long winded
explanation in order for it to be effective.  I realize that each of us percieve things differently and not
everyone will come away from my pieces the same as I do .  I create them to act as my voice past
what I am able to relate through any other means and to allow a physical outlet for my imagination.  
My committment to that approach serves me well and I feel it gives the best opportunity for others to
find a voice within for themselves. To my mind the visual ability of the work to speak for itself is my
ultimate goal.
I use steel, especially scrap steel because I feel it. Yes I actually like the feel of it, it's texture and it's
physical properties speak to me and very well reflect my true nature. I also embrace the idea of not
wasting objects that have seemingly lost their value to our society. I believe that through the magic
of transformation they still have very much to offer if we only allow ourselves the time and patience to
venture beyond the immediate.
When I started to seriously make my work, I relied primarily on pure intuition to carry it, however as
time has passed I have matured as an artist and developed  deeper understandings of myself and
what I desire my work to reflect. I've continually upped my skill set in order to meet those challenges
which is part of the magic it holds for me. My approach is hands on and singularly my own. It's not
directed by what's currently popular in the Art world even though I enjoy much of what I see. I
remain lost to my own imagination and strive to keep my work within that realm.
I'm fond of saying I came into the Artworld through the backdoor. I didn't have much of an
appreciation for Art growing up even though I've always had an extremely lively imagination. It wasn't
until working as a mount and armature maker in the Museums in Washington DC that Art discovered
me. And what opened me to it was the study of each piece intently and singularly and through that
process it began to speak to me in a much deeper and more expansive level. It wasn't long before I
was making my own pieces only for the pure joy I found in creating them. At that point my work
became my own salvation and I've never looked back.
So that's about it for my artist statement. I understand it isn't extremely profound or earth shattering
and I very much doubt the Academic  world would approve; but what it truly is, is honest. And that's
what is most important to me.
I hold an Open Studio event on the 1st Saturday of each month and have for many years to allow
anyone interested the opportunity to better understand exactly how I work and who I am.  So please
stop in and take a look around, everyone is welcome.

Scott's work has been included in public and corporate collections nationwide, as well as private
collections around the globe. Here are a few:
Chi', Brooklyn, New York
Galerie Francoise, Baltimore, MD
Zenith Gallery, Washington DC
Bettcher Gallery, Miami  FL
House Of Lounge, New Orleans, LA
Celebrities Gallery, Maui, HI
As well as countless other local, regional and national venues.

Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, Mesa AZ; "Art of the Motorcycle"  Sept-2011- Jan 2012
Delta Blues Museum, Clarksdale MS; "Blues Portraits In Steel"                   June 2016- June 2018

Public Commissions:
"Climb and Glide" Switchback Sculpture Garden, Frostburg MD 2016
"Spire" City of Frederick, MD; 2004
"Crane Cools Wings"  Baltimore Public Works Museum
"Lingerie" MTV's Real World New Orleans;
"East West Highway"  The Contemporary American Theater Festival; Shepherd University,
Shepherdstown WV. July 1998

Born in Baltimore, MD, 1954. Graduated  Middletown High School 1972. US Coast Guard 1975-1979.
Cawood lives and works at his residence in historic Antietam MD. where he has been a professional
artist since 1992.  His log house, circa 1790, was built to house workers for the nearby Antietam Iron
Works (1758-1880) . Other than sculpting Cawood tends to his prolific organic garden and writes
short essays about his more subtle observations of life.
Upcoming Exhibitions:

*** Frederick Community College,
Frederick MD, October 2018
CawoodArt Studio
Scott Cawood and his  CawoodArt Staff